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Unified Automated Online aggregators' order management platform

Managing multiple online aggregators' orders and executing the required online confirmations can be a challenge during busy times. Our platform manages these online aggregators by itself based on pre-defined settings in multiple locations without the need for any human interface be it in kitchen or cashier. It enables manual override when required. Our platform provides insights of areas of improvements as well calculates the restaurant earnings after paying off the commissions. All item updations can be managed centrally across multiple locations and brands seamlessly.

Omni channel sales management tool

We enable restaurants to allow their consumers to place an order and give their feedback from a platform of their choice, while fully integrating all of it in one platform for the restaurant manage them as a regular POS system. We enable consumers to interact and place orders via whatsapp, social commerce apps, SMS, call, digital menus, automated kiosks in addition to the regular restaurant POS for dine in setups. This enables a restaurant/cafe/kiosk to offer Do-It-Yourself as well Do-It-For-You setups for order handling and engagement. Irrespective of the platform used to place order previously, our platform can identify the consumer across platforms and enables to the customer convenience of frequently ordered items, memory of alergies & preferences as well as loyalty points if relevant

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Customer engagement tools

Our platform can support various kinds of customer engagement schemes, be it coupon management, loyalty program, restaurant specific wallets, subscriptions, referral programs, social media integrated programs as well as item specific or time bound marketing programs. It can manage  cross promotion programs within a menu or across a few outlets. Automated customer greetings on important dates as well instant promotions can be done for listed consumers via whatsapp as well as social media platforms

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Base & satellite kitchen management

The  platform enables to connect base and satellite kitchens via a digital framework which enables visibility of stocks and requests across the kitchens as well as outlets(if relevant). It preempts the production plan for the next day based on requests and previous trend as well as the potential gap in raw materials to support the production plan. It supports tracking stock issue and wastage as well compares standard recipe & yield with actuals. A basic store management module built on FIFO is available. Packaging and delivery confirmation can be managed via this platform as well.

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Purchase, Vendor & inventory management

This is an advanced tool to implement standard procedures regarding purchase and vendor management. Purchase order generation can be automated, however overriding business rules can also be set to align with financial constraints. Multi approval process can also be invoked if required. The platform gives an real time vendor payments and balance visualization as well as performance & service level ratings. Stock arrival, stock issues, stock transfers and stock write off can be managed very conveniently across multiple branches/franchises. Real time stock reports available.

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Staff performance & competence development

Alongwith the basic features related staff remuneration, incentives, leaves & performance review, we inbuilt a competence management model in this module. the competence management model is more beneficial for enterprises with large number of branches/franchises with an active middle management. Standard job descriptions, KPI for each role and definition of performance for each competence level is pre-defined. The same can be adapted if required. Feedback from exit interviews are incorporated in the competence model.

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Multi branch/ franchise strategy deployment, measurement & control

The tool enables a franchisor or multi branch enterprise to deploy a top down strategy to each unit, department as well as employee. The tool learns the pattern of the operations from the past and deploys the top down targets at the lowest level of the organization. The same can be adjusted and rolled out. Once rolled out, our tool automatically measures the actual performance vs the target deployed and deviation. This is available at employee, department. unit as well as management level. This module is based on Balanced Score Card concept. It helps to implement a matured target based organization. 

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