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We restructure your menu, recipe & manage your kitchen

Feeto Bistro manages your kitchen
Chefs in Action

We restructure the recipes, portion sizes, production planning & train efficient production techniques. We introduce potential high sellers & stop slow moving items. Within 3 months, we should achieve food cost<40%, wastage<5% & avg. sales/menu item>Rs.10,000/month

Scope of engagement

  • Before engagement, a kitchen audit and key figures are analyzed. The findings of the same are shared with the restaurant owner.

  • On agreement of the scope of activities, including required changes requested from the restaurant owner in kitchen equipment and infrastructure, the project is commenced.

  • A Chef De Cuisine and food controller is allocated to the kitchen.

  • An in depth interview with the existing kitchen team is conducted to understand the problems faced in the operations as well as assessment of each kitchen team member is done.

  • A blueprint to implement the standard operating procedures as well as HACCP guidelines is drafted and the same is implemented step by step.

  • The food menu as well raw materials procured is analyzed. Production process, portioning as well as market fit of the items is assessed and required changes implemented. New introductions are implemented after food trials which include the restaurant owner and select clientele. The menu is weekly analyzed and required changes/updates incorporated.

  • Staff trainings as well replacements are planned and executed as per the set schedule

  • Key datas including customer feedback are discussed with the restaurant owner on a weekly basis and next actions aligned.

Pre-engagement kitchen audit

This audit is mandatory. Scope of engagement can be confirmed based on this audit.

Mostly, this is 1 day onsite audit. The relevant travel, boarding and lodging costs to be borne by the customer on actuals.

The restaurant owner will be provided a report with the findings and recommendations.

Terms & conditions

  • Pre-engagement kitchen audit is mandatory and payable in advance.

  • Minimum engagement for 3 months. This is the minimum time required to bring in the required changes

  • Restaurant owners must make ontime salary payments to the kitchen staff as well upkeep the kitchen infrastructure and equipment.

  • We charge a fixed monthly consultancy fee for our services. This must be paid before the relevant month starts

  • The relevant travel, boarding and lodging costs to be borne by the customer on actuals

  • Any changes in menu, recipe, raw materials etc. related to the kitchen must be aligned with us beforehand

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