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Audit & training services

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We conduct cash and accounts audit, kitchen audit, inventory audit as well as specialized customer service audit.
As unbiased entity, the outlet owner/ management team gets an objective overview of the current area of improvement as well as insight how your outlet fairs vs industry benchmarks

Our guiding principles

Four eyes are better than two

Feeto Bistro management team takes 40% of audits conducted my our audit team during a month and revalidates the authenticity. If any traces of collusion is identified, the audit is considered void and the relevant auditor is let go

Fresh eyes always see more

We ensure the same auditor does not audit the same property two times consecutively. The management team checks the deviation between two consecutive audit regularly as a key performance indicator

I believe what I see

Our auditors are required to capture documentary proof (photos, documents, audio, video etc) for at least 60% of their observations recorded. These are cross verified

Cash and Accounts audit

Cash auditing is a complete or partial assessment of cash, card as well as online payment transactions that your business carries out within a set time frame.

A certified auditor audits the cash to ensure proper documentation of cash received or disbursed and to establish that the cash balance and deposits are accurate.

A cash audit is a review of cash transactions between an identified start date and end date in accordance with the generally accepted procedures of accounting, in addition to the policies of your company.

The auditor will also check the transactions and payment received from online aggregators e.g Zomato, Swiggy etc.

The controller will submit a detailed report regarding the deviation to the owner at the end of the audit.

Service standards audit

An auditor-led review of the service, covering menu range, food presentation, food quality, efficiency of service, portion sizes, marketing and merchandising techniques, signage, staff presentation, customer care, selling prices, cleanliness, ambience and maintenance standards.

Competitor benchmarking

We access and study the operating guidelines of your outlets as well as your key competitors. We assess your outlets as well competitors via physical audit as well as collecting consumer feedback.

We provide an overview of your operations visa vice your competitors based on key performance indicators such as spend per head, penetration levels, spend per visitor, revenue per seat, menu offer, tariffs etc

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