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Automate your online aggregator order management

Unified automated online aggregators' order management platform


Let kitchen focus on cooking & timely dispatch, while all the rest our platform takes care !!

  • Automatically accepts orders from major online aggregators

  • Prints KOT & delivery slip automatically

  • Print separate KOT for each kitchen department

  • Sends “food ready” confirmation after predefined time duration  automatically

  • Kitchen staff need not spend time on a computer. Our platform manages the orders

  • No more late order acceptance

  • No more delayed order deliveries

  • Happy & motivated kitchen team

Our platform can manage orders real time from the major online aggregators

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One stop solution

  • Manage multiple locations/brands centrally, while KOT prints locally in kitchens

  • Mark any item out of stock across all online aggregators with a single click

  • Update items, prices, taxes,   timing for aggregators platforms centrally across locations/brands

  • Toggle off/on auto order           acceptance as well as auto food ready any time

  • Set time duration for food ready centrally

  • Customize order alerts

  • Download order history as csv/pdf for further analysis

Detailed analytics report

An analytical report focusing on insights with regards to KPIs:

  • Revenue summary: WTD, MTD - by locations, brands, aggregator, tax code, categories, items, day of the week, time of the day

  • Top gainers/losers: WTD, MTD  - by locations, brands,  aggregator, category, items, day of week, time of the day

  • Aggregator relevant KPIs           - order completion time, food ready time, delivery time drill down by locations, by brands, category, items,  time of the day

  • Revenue vs earnings

  • Cancellations analysis

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