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Feeto Bistro streamline your restaurant inventory and store

We streamline your purchase & manage store/ inventory effectively

We implement standard operating procedures and documents and physically audit your inventory at  store/kitchen on a regular basis. We bring transparency regarding your weekly spend and drive approx. 10% cost saving within the first 3 months of engagement

We restructure menu/recipe & manage your kitchen: get food cost, quality & wastage under control

We restructure the recipes, portion sizes, production planning & train efficient production techniques. We introduce potential high sellers & stop slow moving items. Within 3 months, we should achieve food cost<40%, wastage<5% & avg. sales/menu item>Rs.10,000/month

Feeto Bistro manages your kitchen
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Audit services

We conduct cash and accounts audit, kitchen audit, inventory audit as well as specialized customer service audit. As unbiased entity, the outlet owner/ management team gets an objective overview of the current area of improvement as well as insight how your outlet fairs vs industry benchmarks

Monitor & assess branch/ franchise performance

We operate as an extended expert team of the owner/Franchisor. Being a 3rd party, our observations and assessments are acceptable to both the parties. We conduct audits at franchises, analyze their data as well as competence of the staff to give a true picture of the compliance and potential of the franchisee at regular intervals

Feeto Bistro monitors and assess your branch and franchise performance
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