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Feeto Bistro aims to handhold Food, retail & e-retail businesses to turnaround & excel their business processes & resources via implementation of best practices & scorecards.

These best practices & scorecards are built into a suite of software solutions & standard processes. Implementation of this suite of processes & tools along with our own trained staff sediment best practices in the operations & management 

Our focus

Feeto Bistro streamline your restaurant inventory and store

Excellence in Purchase, Inventory, Warehousing

Managing the inventory levels Just Right, Just Enough and Just In Time is key to ensure profitability of operations. To ensure the same we support to implement Best In Class processes related to procurement, inventory planning & management, implementation of adaptable logistics business models and in-depth data modelling and predictive analytics. We train, certify and mentor client organizations to overcome their daily challenges. Typically, our clients find a cost saving of approx. 10% in the first 3 months of our engagement in their operations. We also help to design and setup purchase, inventory and warehousing operations from scratch for our client.

Excellence in Retail & Franchise management

We focus on 3 key areas: Service Quality management, Operational guidelines compliance and enhancing the financial health of the retail operations. We support on benchmarking and defining the relevant retail & service quality guidelines. We handhold the client to implement and fine tune the same as well. We also actively work with franchisors to guide their franchisees as well implement the best practices in the franchisees' businesses.

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Excellence in Product & Production processes & techniques

We support our clients in conceptualization & development of new products, reengineer and restructure their current product range as well as defining and implementing the key standard operating processes with regards to production planning, handling WIP stocks, batch production, quality control and assurance as well as packaging processes. On average, within the first 6 months of engagement, our client achieve COGS<40%, wastage<5% & avg. sales/menu item>Rs.10,000/month. We also work hand in hand with our clients to bring production automation and control in multi locations. We set up live data dashboards to enable our clients run their multiple production locations centrally as well. We derive inspiration from implementation of Six Sigma techniques and Total Quality management best practices in our approach

Excellence in Financial & working capital management

We catalyze the implementation of the basic financial discipline and visualization of company short and long term risks at our client locations. We advise on the best practices observed in the industry to enhance liquidity and growth focused planning. We are strongly inspired by activity based costing. We advise our clients on implementation of the key facets of the same as well. Many of our clients engage us at pre-seed as well as post series funding to bring in 3rd party audit, observation and benchmarking.

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Excellence in HR & Organization learning

Our learning has been that in order to drive scalability and adaptability in an organization, a structured & objective approach to communicate expectations/feedback as well objective and constructive performance assessment is critical. So, is an institutionalized approach to organization learning from top to bottom. We enable the same via handholding to implement HR process blueprints as well as tech, as well as offering mentoring support for the leaders. Support senior management to drive strategic intervention to reset the organization culture and tone as well as enhance cross divsional/functional collaboration. We derive our inspiration from global best practive implemention of open innovation organization processes. 

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